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deviation in storage by iinfekt


The brightest time of day must be before the sun even shines,
This is the time we open our hearts and our minds,
To friends and lovers, to name the few,
Who will you open up to?
I am a man of many masks.
I love my masks, my masks aren't me.

All my masks are cracked.
Either a splintered smile or a crooked frown,
a lopsided laugh or a shattered sigh.

I get through the day, my masks protect me.
They protect nothing.
I never had a soul.

No one knows the real me, they only see the masks.
I don’t know the real me, I only see the masks.
I am many masks.

Who is the man behind the mask?
I am cracked.
Running through a field,
leaping for my life.
Will it catch me,
must I face it's strife?

It's closing in now,
no place left to run.
I stand like a statue,
for I know I am done.

It passes through me,
like the wind in the sky.
I can't open my eyes,
I know I have died.
The Field
Don't mind me, just being a teenager.

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